Bee pollen with diabetes

The beneficial properties of bee pergae were known in ancient times. The Greeks and Romans called the product of bee production - "life-giving dust." It is believed that you can live on a desert island, eating only pollen and water.

The product improves the blood supply to the nervous tissue, which is necessary in case of diabetes, helps to recover from stress. Perga contains substances to support the immune system, has antiviral and antibacterial properties. The minimum course of taking prigi in diabetes mellitus is 30 days.

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Bee pollen collected from a flower, after being treated with a secret of the salivary glands, is stored on the insect's hind legs. Because called obnozhkoy. Bees bring it to the hive, where it is prepared for storage in comb. Pollen is covered with a thin layer of wax and honey - canned. This is how perga or “bee bread” is formed. Over time, it undergoes anaerobic fermentation, preserving lactic acid inside - a preservative.

The bee perga contains practically everything that is necessary for the person for healthy food:

  • 30 grams of soluble carbohydrates,
  • 26% of sugars in the form of glucose and fructose,
  • 23% protein, including 10% of essential amino acids,
  • 5% fat, including polyunsaturated,
  • 2% of phenolic components (flavonoids),
  • 1.6% of minerals (calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc, selenium, manganese),
  • 0.6% of water soluble B vitamins and ascorbic acid,
  • 0.1% fat-soluble vitamins E, A.

The reasons for the healing properties of bee pollen in diabetes are associated with its properties:

  • The product contains proteins, fats and carbohydrates, including vitamin B 12, which is not in plant foods.
  • Contains at least 20 amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins - they are necessary for cell regeneration, maintaining youth. Proteins help reduce appetite.
  • Stimulates the function of organs, improving digestion and assimilation of beneficial substances. Therefore increases the level of energy.

Antioxidant substances eliminate free radicals and help restore after inflammation. Therefore, perga works against diseases associated with age and metabolic disorders, such as type 2 diabetes.

Bee pollen is used for high cholesterol and metabolic disorders. These conditions precede type 2 diabetes associated with an increase in blood sugar levels. With type 1 diabetes, there is a deficiency of own insulin, because sugar does not enter the cells. Perga heals the body, because it contains the following substances:

  • Vitamin A, C and E help in wound healing in diabetics with the development of diabetic neuropathy. Increased sugar violates tissue innervation, which leads to the appearance of non-healing leg ulcers.
  • B vitamins are needed to restore metabolism - improve energy production in each cell. With diabetes mellitus, fatigue develops due to lack of energy, and perga helps to improve the function of energy systems.
  • Antioxidants reduce the level of free radicals accumulated as a result of stress, malnutrition. With diabetes, the risk of various diseases increases, and the remedy neutralizes these complications.

The study showed that taking 32 g of perga every day for two weeks reduces the level of sugar in the urine in the proportion of 41.8 g / liter.

Oxidative stress is the main cause of neuropathy and kidney damage in diabetes mellitus. Perga, rich in antioxidants, prevents complications.

Thiamine (nicotinic acid) has long been used in diabetes mellitus, and perga adds to the reserves of this vitamin B group. It is this substance that prevents damage to nervous tissue.

Use in the treatment of diabetes

Perga is available in various forms: granules, honeycombs, pastilles and honey pasta. In its natural form, the product is sold together with honeycombs, and it needs to be extracted or spit out the wax after dissolving. In processed form, these are granules of uneven form. They are most often used in standard treatment:

Innovation in the treatment of diabetes - just drink every day.

  • with metabolic syndrome and a slight increase in blood sugar (prediabetes) - a teaspoon 2-3 times a day,
  • with diabetes - a tablespoon (about 25 g) - 2-3 times a day.

The tool has a healing effect in diabetes mellitus in the amount of 30 g per day. If you use it in comb, then you need to weigh a portion of 20 g. Children dosage is reduced by half.

Perga is a strong energy drink, so you shouldn’t use it before bedtime to avoid insomnia. Be sure to check the level of glucose in the blood every day to adjust the reception of funds.

The regimen is simple. The granules are placed in the oral cavity, dissolve to dissolve. They are not washed down. No need to drink and eat for another half hour after taking the funds.

Pergu daily to take a minimum course of about a month, and with diabetes 6 months or more. The first changes in the body appear after 2-3 weeks in the form of a decrease in blood sugar levels. With high blood pressure - 30 minutes before a meal, and at normal - after a meal.

How to choose

It is necessary to buy perga where its natural production will be guaranteed - in apiaries or in eco-shops. Be sure to check the product for quality. Take a granule, squeeze with your fingers - it should be elastic.

Pay attention to the expiration date. Perga saves healing properties for only one year. The granules crunching on teeth - poor-quality or dried up. Normally, they should be approximately the same in size, consisting of several layers of pollen of different shades. Perga's taste is sweetish, honeyed, but slightly sour.

The product is stored in an airtight container. The dried granule does not lose its properties if it is protected from the sun.


Reception means safe for most people. When allergic reactions to honey may cause shortness of breath, urticaria or angioedema. When cross-reactions to pollen should abandon this tool.

Bee pollen is not recommended for pregnant women because of the risk of developing allergies in the child. And it can also increase bleeding while taking it with anticoagulants.

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Suppression of appetite, acceleration of metabolism, improved energy levels - effects that help improve the quality of life for diabetics. The tool is considered a "superfood" due to the composition can replace vitamin complexes.

Diabetes always leads to fatal complications. Tips in blood sugar is extremely dangerous.

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Acceptance of diabetes mellitus and its unique properties

Perga is a pollen processed by bees, then compressed into honeycombs. Accordingly, it contains all the useful qualities of male flowers, as well as waste products of hardworking insects. The composition of bee breadth is quite diverse, it is:

  • vitamins
  • amino acids
  • squirrels,
  • animal and plant enzymes,
  • peptides
  • globulins
  • trace elements
  • amino acids.

  • reduces the blood sugar level of the patient,
  • normalizes protein synthesis,
  • corrects metabolic processes,
  • positive effect on the nervous system
  • improves the condition of the heart and circulatory system as a whole,
  • promotes self-production of insulin.

The benefits of using perga with honey for this disease are invaluable - sleep is getting better, energy balance is restored. In addition, apiproduct prevents the formation of edema, as well as the strengthening of bone tissue.

How to take a substance with diabetes

In type 2 diabetes, the following rules should be followed:

  • do not exceed the prescribed rate of natural medicine,
  • constantly monitor blood sugar levels
  • use perga with diabetes mellitus continuously in accordance with the course of treatment, the result depends on the regularity of use,
    follow the appropriate diet
  • visit the attending physician.

How to take pergu to achieve maximum healing effect? Treatment of diabetes with perga, is a long systematic intake of the drug. The course of treatment lasts six months, followed by a rest - a month, followed by a repetition of the full course.

Acceptance of perga with diabetes is carried out in the first half of the day, the substance should be resolved after 1–2 hours after a meal twice a day.

Adult per day should be absorbed 2 teaspoons of perga, the dosage for children is 1/2 teaspoon. In the event that a recipe with honey (1 to 1) is used, then the adult dose is 2 tbsp. l., and children - 1 tsp. Note that the daily rate is indicated, which must be divided into 2 doses.

Does all types of diabetes treats pcheloprodukt

Unfortunately, despite the usefulness and uniqueness of the product of beekeeping, he does not cure type 1 disease. With this type, the body is simply not able to produce insulin, and the bee product cannot change this. Do not forever exclude bee bread from the diet, it for all diabetics is an approved and useful remedy of traditional medicine.

Perga for diabetics can significantly improve the patient's health, has a positive effect on the emotional state, compensates for the lack of nutrients. Its use is due to the normalization of the endocrine system, the elimination of many associated diseases:

  • blindness,
  • gangrene,
  • kidney and cardiovascular problems.

In the first type of disease, the regimen is similar to that described above. At the same time, it is necessary to constantly control sugar and regularly visit a doctor.

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