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Diabetic foot syndrome

Diabetic foot syndrome Diabetic foot syndrome, or diabetic foot, is a consequence of diabetes mellitus, characterized by a disorder of innervation and blood supply to the tissues of the lower extremities.

What can I eat with acetone

How to feed a baby after acetone. Diet with elevated acetone in the urine of a child: a list of prohibited and permitted products Elevated acetone in the blood and urine in children can manifest itself with different symptoms.

Cranberries for diabetes

Cranberries and other berries: useful properties for type 2 diabetes There are many natural products that have a beneficial effect on the body of a diabetic. For example, cranberries are useful in type 2 diabetes.

Helby seeds for weight loss

What are helby seeds? Recipes and reviews how to use Helba seeds for weight loss What is waiting for you in the article? Helba has long gained popularity as a spice, which is especially known in Indian cuisine.

Classification of stages of hypertension

The stages of arterial hypertension and the classification of hypertension The term "arterial hypertension", "arterial hypertension" refers to the syndrome of high blood pressure (BP) in hypertension and symptomatic arterial hypertension.